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Please note that this search does not reflect the database of the Suman Marriage Bureau agency, which operates independently of the online service

Most of the results are of people who are registered online and not within the bureau, which otherwise provides a personal one-to-one service.


Seeking partner for Jat Sikh male, ACA, MIRPM, 28, 5'08", very smart

We are seeking a Jat Sikh female who is up to 28 years old, 5'00" to 5'04" tall, who is either an Accountant, Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer.

Our client is very well educated and established in his own accountancy business, from a well settled and established business family, based in the South of England.

Please contact Parag on 020 8571 5145 quoting PLATBN for further details. No fee payable.

Increased numbers of Muslim females

There are currently increased numbers of edcuated Muslim females on our books, in the 25 to 35 age group.

If you are a British educated Sunni Muslim male, or know of anyone, be it your son, brother, nephew etc. please consider contacting us, as in some cases we may be able to provide a FREE introduction (marriage settlement fee is still applicable).

Please call Parag on 020 8571 5145.

Visa Holders

FACT: The majority of British Asian girls have no interest in meeting a male who is on a visa of any kind. Over the last decade, less and less girls are agreeing to meeting such candidates due to cultural differences, instability in the UK and above all, scared of being used as the passport to residing in the UK.

As such, any visa holder needs to think twice about joining any agency or website that makes promises, as you could end up losing £100's.

Suman Marriage Bureau has, on occasion, the odd individual that may consider such cases, depending on a number of factors (age, education, spoken English ability, family/relatives settled in UK etc.).

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