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Please note that this search does not reflect the database of the Suman Marriage Bureau agency, which operates independently of the online service

Most of the results are of people who are registered online and not within the bureau, which otherwise provides a personal one-to-one service.


The Suman Marriage Bureau

Joining Suman Marriage Bureau

The first step is to complete the SMB application form. This gives us the information we need about you to find a suitable match, and it also gives us just as much information about the sort of person you are hoping to meet.

We offer three different levels of service depending upon your needs and requirements (Standard Service @ £325.00, Special Personal Service @ £595.00 and Platinum Service @ £1295.00 - all fees are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate and valid for 12 months, with a guarantee of a minimum of six introductions, whilst maximum is unlimited subject to availability and requirement).

There will be further details taken if opting for the Special Personal or Platinum Service (see below). Once we have received your application, we then go through a matching process with all the other members of the opposite sex. Once the most compatible match is found, their name, and contact telephone numbers, along with brief details, will be forwarded to you, or alternatively, we will arrange (at no extra cost) for the introduction to take place on our premises, after having discussed details on both sides, with your prior consent.

The number of people you can meet through SMB is unlimited (subject to availability and requirement), but we endeavour to provide the most suitable introductions first, according to your requirements, to find a suitable person as soon as possible. Suman Marriage Bureau's success at finding love for so many people has been recognised by Press, Radio and Television - You too can find your ideal partner through SMB. Suman Marriage Bureau provides a confidential service. In terms of cost, service and the number of people you can meet, it provides the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. It could be the best investment you make for your happiness and future.

We deal with Hindu marriages, Muslim Marriages, Sikh Marriages, Christian Marriages and others. Why not contact us now to see if we can also help you?

The Search for Your Perfect Partner

There are now well over 12 million single and unnattached people across the UK. With people of all ages, interests and backgrounds, you would think that your chances of finding that special person with whom to share the warmth and happiness of a compatible and loving relationship would be fairly high. However, due to the confines of our work, and immediate social circle, it has become an extremely difficult task. So, where, oh where is that someone special with whom to share your life? If you are looking for a marriage partner, join SMB.

Traditionally there have always been matchmakers and marriage brokers at all levels of society. Using a marriage bureau is really just a more relaxed and versatile 20th/21st-century version, saving your time and money in your search. Using SMB is simply a practical and positive solution to meeting people, without making any commitments or obligations. Suman Marriage Bureau is the original marriage bureau in the UK and still remains the best. Don't let the years slip away, act now, it can only add to your happiness.

Whilst online agencies provide a huge database of contacts, regrettably many people also encounter many time wasters, married people and fraudsters too. At SMB we attract genuine individuals who are serious about settling down.

What is the Special Personal Service and the Platinum Personal Service?

The Special Personal Service and the Platinum Personal Service have been specially designed to accommodate the busy working environments within which many of us are living. They are of an extra benefit to those people who would like to know more about the prospective candidates they are to meet, or their extended families, but simply don't have the time to find out themselves. These details are normally over and above the basic information taken on the application form for the standard service, and can also be obtained at individual request (for Platinum Service clients). In addition, preference is given to introduce newly registered clients to members of the Special Personal Service over the Standard Service first, where suitable.

We endeavour to interview the client (along with their family if applicable), in person, over the phone, or by email, to capture further background details and information, in order to learn more about the client and his or her requirements. Interviews can be arranged at the clients' premises (for an additional charge for Special Service), or at our office. For Platinum members we generally make a visit to them at no extra charge for our time (travel expenses may be charged).

For our Platinum members we can also head hunt, approach ex-clients and other non-members with a view to introducing suitable individuals. The bureau may also undertake to advertise your details in selective publications* if necessary, without disclosing your identity.

Platinum members also receive an out of hours contact number in case they prefer discussing matters in the evening during the week, after our office has closed.

*Advertising subject to clients' approval and only within our normal utilised publications and lists. Other advertisements may incur a charge.

Preference is given to introduce newly registered clients to members of the Platinum Service over the Special and Standard Service first, where suitable.

Suman Marriage Bureau Special or Platinum Personal Service
Telephone anytime: 020 8571 5145

Members of the 'Special Personal Service' and the 'Platinum Personal Service' who have Internet access, can also, at request, benefit from the privileged access to our on-line service during the course of their membership, providing a valid e-mail address is given on their application.

After a meeting, whether arranged at the office or directly, you give us your feedback and opinion and matters proceed accordingly with further meetings or a new introduction.

English, European & other Non-Asians looking for Asian Partners

Mixed marriages have been very popular for several years now (as featured in Press, Radio and Television) and there is an ever-increasing demand from many non-Asian community members seeking an Asian partner. We do cater for these people, and do have many clients who are genuinely looking for a mixed marriage. The majority of our Asian clientele originates from South East Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Kenya, etc.), and is mainly settled in U.K., although a small minority may also be living abroad. Since we are primarily an Asian marriage bureau, we are able to provide a better service for individuals who are seeking an Asian partner. Likewise, if you are an Asian seeking a non-Asian partner, we can also offer you a good service, since we have several non-Asian clients registered with us, who may be seeking someone just like you. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss the sort of person you would like to meet. You have come this far, so why stop now!

Registration Fees:
Standard Service - £325.00
Special Personal Service - £595.00
Platinum Service - £1295.00

Marriage Settlement - £250.00*

(*Payable within 14-days of religious or registered marriage or cohabiting, whichever occurs first)
All fees are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate - VAT No. 225 2783 66

Suman Marriage Bureau
83 South Road
Middlesex UB1 1SQ

Telephone: 020 8571 5145 (London Head Office)
North & Midlands 0121 582 9995
email: info@s-m-b.com

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